UPDATE; What Buhari said when I told him my ambition to run for President in 2023 – Tinubu

The former Governor of Lagos State Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said that becoming Nigeria’s president has always been his life long ambition and that even if people see him as a king maker there is actually no rule that says a king maker can not become king.

He said this while replying to questions from journalist just after he visited the President, Mohammed Buhari to declare his intentions to run for President in 2023.

He also emphasized that he would pursue his life long ambition of becoming a king without the title of a king maker stating that he is confident of piloting the nation just the way he did in lagos.

“About the cap of kingmaker. I have never seen the cap of a kingmaker before,” he said.

“That is the truth and I have never seen where it is written in the rule book anywhere in any country that a kingmaker cannot be a king – unless you commit murder.

“So, whatever is your attribute [of me] is your own opinion. Me, I want to pursue my ambition without the title of a kingmaker. You can write your literature and story based on your own perception.”

The former Governor said Buhari is not stopping him from pursuing his lifelong ambition to be Nigeria’s president.

“He (Buhari) is a democrat. He didn’t ask me to stop. He didn’t ask me not to attempt and pursue my lifelong ambition,” he said.

“So, why do I expect him to say more than that? You are running a democratic dispensation, and you must adopt the principles and the values and virtues of democracy. That’s it.”

The former Lagos Governor said he has the capacity to govern Nigeria.

“I have the confidence, the vision, the capacity to rule, build on the foundation of Mr. President, and turn Nigeria better,” he said.

“In Lagos state, you’ve seen that experience and the capacity to turn things around and that is what we are doing.” he said

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