Vice-President Shettima speaks amid rumour of alleged plans to dethrone Sultan of Sokoto

Vice-President Shettima speaks amid rumour of alleged plans to dethrone Sultan of Sokoto

Vice-President Kashim Shettima has during the North West Peace & Security Summit emphasised to the Sokoto State government the importance of jealously safeguarding the Sultan, His Eminence, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III.

He said: “Our father who is a permanent picture in all developmental issues in this country, His Eminence the Sultan of Sokoto. I want to use him as my point of reference to recognise and appreciate all our royal fathers present here.

“And to the Deputy Governor of Sokoto, I have a simple message for you. Yes, the Sultan is the Sultan of Sokoto, but he is much more than that; he represents an idea. He is an institution that all of us in this country need to jealously guard, protect, promote, preserve and project for the good of our nation.”

Vice-President Shettima spoke out following a warning from Prof. Isiaq Akintola, Executive Director of the Muslim Rights Council (MURIC), alleging a plot by the Sokoto government to depose the Sultan.

Governor Ahmed Aliyu had previously deposed 15 traditional rulers for different infractions.

In his statement, Akintola said Nigerian Muslims would reject any thought of deposing the Sultan.

“Feelers in circulation indicate that the governor may descend on the Sultan of Sokoto any moment from now using any of the flimsy excuses used to dethrone the 15 traditional rulers whom he removed earlier.

“MURIC advises the governor to look before he leaps. The Sultan’s stool is not only traditional. It is also religious. In the same vein, his jurisdiction goes beyond Sokoto. It covers the whole of Nigeria. He is the spiritual head of all Nigerian Muslims.

“Therefore, any governor who tampers with the stool of the Sultan will have Nigerian Muslims to reckon with because the Sultan combines the office of the Sultan of Sokoto and that of the President General of the NSCIA.”

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