What next Inspector General of Police should focus on – Former DSS Chief explains

Security experts have suggested that the next person to take over from the incumbent Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, should focus more on intelligence gathering as well as recruiting more security personnel to boost the overall man power of the Nigeria Police Force.

It is no news that the current IGP tenure has expired and he may vacate the position very soon. There has been talks from many Nigerian about a possible replacement, however, the President, Muhammadu Buhari, will be the one to make the ultimate decision of who to select when the time comes.

Speaking about what is expected of the new IGP, a former Department of State Services chief, Mr. Dennis Amachree, said that whoever emerges as the new IGP should divorce himself/herself from partisan politics and get approval for the recruitment of more men and women into the Force.

He said, “A police force that is under 400,000 personnel cannot effectively police a country of over 200 million citizens, he argued, saying the country should invest heavily in technology and hire a strong team of criminal intelligence analysts. He also canvassed that the morale of policemen should be boosted by looking at their working conditions, training facilities, working equipment, benefits and life insurance.”

Meanwhile, Crime Editor and publisher of Chief Detective magazine, Mr. Dipo Kehinde, in his statement, said that the outgoing IGP would be remembered for his onslaught against kidnapping and cattle rustling.

According to him; “Those who are following the trend in security challenges and police response nationwide will remember IGP Mohammed Adamu for doing much in the war against kidnappings and cattle rustling.”

“But, he didn’t fulfil his promise of equipping the police with tasers to reduce shootings and killings by law enforcement agents, while making arrests in unsafe situations.”

“We don’t have the right policing system in the country yet, As we are today, an old woman sitting by her window can’t pick her phone and call the police if she notices something suspicious on her street. The system we have here in Nigeria is that the police will stay put at the station and expect you to come over and make a report physically. In some cases, a crime victim will report at the police station and he will be asked to pay money for police to commence an investigation. That’s a double tragedy. In nations with the efficient policing system, even a kid can make a distress call and the police will be there in a jiffy.”

“The incoming IGP should vigorously pursue the ongoing community policing agenda and seek the cooperation of nations like the U.K., the U.S. and Germany to assist in making the police system work.”

“Today, we are easily tracking criminals. It is because of the equipment and training that our police authorities received from the U.K. A new IGP must work to create a system where citizens can safely and conveniently report crimes and receive instant responses. That would build confidence in the citizenry and a groundswell of support for the Police.”

Managing Director of Strict Guard Security, Dr. Bone Chinye Efoziem, said a new IGP should improve on Police intelligence capacity to make the institution proactive to issues of insecurity.

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