Why we beheaded businessman, sliced his body and stuffed it in a sack – kidnappers confess

Mr Osondu Nwachukwu, a business man who was kidnapped from his home in Lafia, Nasarawa State was killed by his captors after his wife failed to raise the 5 million naira requested by the kidnappers.

It was learnt that the deceased was dismembered and his remains was packed inside a sack.

CRIMECHANNELS gathered that the killers were seen when trying to dispose of the corpse by some Fulani men returning form the Mosque.

However, It was learnt that the killers fled the scene before an alarm could be raised by the Fulani men. Observing that something was wrong, the Fulani reported the matter to the Police.

The Police it was gathered swung into action and arrested one Bello Mohammed, a native of Agyeregu Tasha in Lafia Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, on March 11.

During interrogation, the suspect confessed to the crime. He said him and other suspects, Maikano, Dogo, Hassan and Jubril were responsible for kidnapping and rustling of cows in the area.

He said the gang decided to kill the victim because the family was not willing to pay the 5 million naira ransom on time, he said after killing him, they dumped his body in a bush at Bukan Koto along Makurdi Maraba-Ankunza Road, Lafia.

In his confession, the suspect Mohammed, said, “Things are hard for me as a farmer with eight children. It was my brother in-law, Dogo, who encouraged me to join the gang. He was the one that took me for the first job. He heard that things were hard for us and decided to show me the way.”

“On the kidnapping of the Igbo man, it was another Igbo man that brought the job, He told us that the man owned a pure water business and was very stingy. He assured us that the man would pay at least N10 million because he was so rich.”

“He gave us all the details about his movement and that the best place to pick him up was his house. We went with three motor bikes at about 8.30 pm and hanged around his compound.”

“Meanwhile one of us waited for him at the factory area and followed him home. He was the one who alerted us when they were on the way to the house.”

“As soon as he drove into his compound around 9 pm, we followed him and over powered him. We searched his house for valuables and dragged him along.”

“We carried him on our bike and threatened to kill him if he dared raise the alarm. When we got to a spot, we stopped and trekked for hours into Bukan Koto forest in Lafia.”

“We called his (Nwachukwu’s) wife to bring a ransom of N5 million and she said it was weekend.”

“While we were at the hideout, the Igbo man who gave us the job called and we told him the situation of things. He said that the wife was lying and not serious about saving the life of her husband.”

“Unfortunately, the man overheard our conversation and was able to identify the person that gave us the job. The man told us to kill him after collecting the money.”

“We were ready to spare him but his wife was not making any serious effort. So Dogo got angry and said that he was no longer interested in the job. The man begged him but Dogo was too angry, and before we could hold him, he used his machete to cut off the man’s head.”

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