Wife exposes Pastor husband who staged own kidnap to extort money from his brother

The FIB Intelligence Response Team (FIB-IRT), headed by Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) has apprehended a man identified as Richard Onyekachukwu for allegedly staging his abduction to extort money from his wealthy family members.

According to Richard, a resident of Maraba, Nasarawa State, he resorted to the plan since his immediate younger brother, who is very rich can not assist him with money to take care of his needs.

It was learnt that the Police also arrested 2 others he conspired with. The first being his wife, Mrs Onyekachukwu and the other, a friend of the Pastor, Enoch Frank Nwaolisha.

The younger brother of the Pastor, Mr Prosper, Onyekachukwu, on June 16 reported to the Police that his elder brother was abducted while he was on a trip, he told the Police that the kidnappers were already in contact with them and that they had demanded a certain amount before his brother would be released.

The Police upon hearing the details swung into action. They first of all visited the Pastor’s wife at her residence. When they came in, they told the wife that they were investigating a case of armed robbery against his husband. She then raised an alarm that her husband is not an armed robber.

“My husband not an armed robbery, in fact, I will say the truth, my husband staged his own kidnap in an attempt to extort money from his younger brother. He was not kidnapped, I saw my husband last week, ” she confessed.

The Police arrested her and took her to the Police station for more interrogation, she opened up to the Police by telling them that her husband needed some money to pay back a loan he had collected. She told them that there was no where he could raise the huge amount. She said the husband then thought of the idea, and he carried it out.

She however, told the Police that the husband was intending to visit the house on June 18, to take some few possession. The Police on getting the details , ambushed the husband on that same date and arrested him.

When interrogated, the self acclaimed Pastor confessed that he wasn’t kidnapped, that he staged his abduction with the help of his friend.

He told the Police that he borrowed the sum of 600,000 from a friend to fix the roof of his church was was destroyed by rain. He said that when it was time to pay back, he had no money.

He said his younger brother was rich but stingy, he then said that he devised a means to take money from his brother, and that was when the idea to stage his abduction came about.

He further said, “I called my friend Enoch and shared my thoughts with him. Enoch is also a pastor. Initially, he did not accept, but after sometime, he agreed. I told him that even it was a million or N500,000, I would be satisfied.”

“Sometime in May, I travelled home to drop the corpse of my deceased mother at the mortuary. After that, I travelled to Nkpor, close to my village, to see if I could get some contracts.”

“I was supposed to come back after a week. I called my wife and brothers about my mission at the village. There was three days delay and my wife was panicking because my phones were off. She called my brothers that I am missing.”

“When I came back, I sneaked into the compound, dropped my bag and went to the mountain to pray. I called Enoch that we had an opportunity. He then called and told them that I had been kidnapped.”

He said he then told his wife of the plans, and that the wife told him to go ahead with it. He said he demanded the sum of 10 million to be paid for his release, and that the younger brother brought 2 million. He said that they were still waiting for the rest when the plan blew, and the Police arrested him, his wife and his friend, who is also a Pastor.

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