‘You’ll be hunted, punished’ – Nnamdi Kanu threatens Army Commanders, Senior Policemen

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has threatened the Nigerian Army and men of the Nigeria Police Force, NPF.

Kanu warned that whosoever orders the killing of anyone from the Southeast would be hunted and punished.

In a tweet, Kanu stressed that adorning a uniform with ranks does not make those liable invincible.

He wrote: “If you are a Commander of troops in the Nigerian Army or Police, hear this: That you are wearing a uniform and adorning a rank, it does not make you invincible.

“If any #Biafran is killed on your orders, you will be hunted and punished, sooner than later. We are taking stock and bidding our time.”

Kanu’s threat is coming at a time when several Soldiers and Policemen have been killed and government facilities being attacked in the Southeast.

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  1. So it’s now clear that Nmadi Kanu the so called IPOB leader is the Mastermind behind killing our police and other security operatives in the south east. No wonder, our police stations suffers daily attacks and destroyed every day.

  2. Your intelligence is questionable, Shehu Mohd Aliyu. He is simply spelling out to the murders wearing uniforms that even if they have the blessing of Buhari to murder Igbos, they will eventually be held accountable. I share that sentiment.

  3. Chris uzuma it is your intelligence that is questionable judging from the point you made, if kanu is after who murders igbo then how does he execute his threats? Is it via dialogue or what?, and why does he not include the supposed “unknown gunmen” that have being killing innocent igbo policemen that are working to feed their family

  4. @ Kris uzonma, if you think ur so call kanu and ur follow brothers ipop are doing justice by attacking the security formation ur head need to be examine

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